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Actuarial Analysis of Property Programs

Many clients self-insure their smaller property losses. Property self-insurers purchase reinsurance or "excess" insurance to cover  losses that are too large to self-insure without putting their financial health at risk.
Self-insuring relatively small losses saves money in the long run just as choosing a higher deductible saves a motorist money when he purchases an auto insurance policy.
Actuarial assistance is vital in choosing the "right" amount of self-insurance, given a client's financial position, the cost of excess insurance, and the client's past track record of property losses.
Property is actually one of the riskiest coverages that clients self-insure. Most clients have many fewer property losses than workers' compensation or liability losses, especially when one disregards the relatively common small losses of less than $1,000. The relatively low frequency of property losses, combined with the potential for extremely large loss amounts, makes property insurance so risky.  

How We Can Help
We can:
  • Provide reasonable, consistent estimates of self-insurance liabilities;
  • Provide a detailed analysis of self-insurance Capital requirements;
  • Recommend the most favorable self-insured retention ("SIR");

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