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Actuarial Analysis of General and
Auto Liability Programs

General and Auto liability is the area that really sparked the growth of self-insurance programs back in the mid-1980's, when liability insurance, particularly for public entities, rose rapidly and dramatically in cost, or even became unavailable at any price.
Liability losses usually fall into four general categories: bodily injury or property damage from "normal" accidents, auto losses, employment practices liability ("EPL"), and errors & omissions losses.
Many public entity clients are beset by increasing numbers of EPL losses; in some cases EPL losses cost more than all of the other types of loss combined.
As the actuary for many "excess" liability JPA's, we are continually analyzing and updating large databases of liability claims. We are current on all the trends that may affect your self-insurance costs. See our Technical Approach section for more details.

How We Can Help
We can:
  • Provide reasonable, consistent estimates of self-insurance liabilities;
  • Provide a detailed analysis of self-insurance Capital requirements;
  • Recommend the most favorable self-insured retention ("SIR");
  • Provide valuable advice on future Assessment Risk when considering an "excess" liability JPA.

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